Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Our Canning Labels website has launched!

CanningCrafts website is up and running now. Our canning label shop started on Etsy with just a few labels. Now we have over 300 products that include custom canning jar labels, cloth jam jar covers, hang tags, and mason cookie jar gift sets. 

Canning Label Shop Features:

  • Easy to order custom canning labels. Just add your custom text directly on each product page. You'll be able to review custom text for each label in your shopping cart.
  • Website has size charts, FAQ, custom label ordering process details, coupon codes, and free printables.
  • Design Collections allow you to easily shop matching canning labels. Now you can have similar canning label designs for Strawberry Jam and Pepper Jelly!
  • Wishlist allows you to save your favorite products for easier ordering.
  • Our new blog will have posts for new products, gardening tips, promotions, contests, and more! 
  • Sign up for our website newsletter to get a 10% off coupon code for our new website. 

Read more about the new website on our updated blog.

We'd love to hear what you think about or new website!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I'm currently working on a NEW website! Woo-hoo! The new website will allow for easier ordering of customized labels compared to my current shop on Etsy. Hopefully it will be up and running within a few months. So stay tuned guys!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Eggs, Oh My!

My sister only has seven hens left, but they are still providing eggs. She found some interesting eggs the other day. One was tiny about the size of a robin's egg. She said she's gotten eggs this size before. They're small when the hen first starts laying, but sometimes there isn't a yolk. The other egg she found was enormous. I asked her if the bird lived! Ouch.

For size comparison, a quarter, mini egg, and a regular sized egg.

Jumbo chicken egg.

I believe this is the hen who made Mr. Jumbo egg.

In other news, she only has one pig left. I heard the others were delicious, but she didn't share the profits with me :(

Friday, October 30, 2015

Christmas Cookie Mason Jar Gifts

It's getting close to that time of year again! I used to start buying Christmas gifts in the summer, but I tend to put it off much longer these days. I've always thought the best gifts are the ones you make yourself. Last year I made everyone Christmas Cookie Mason Jar Gifts.

Christmas cookie mix in a mason jar
DIY cookie mason jar gifts for Christmas 

I started selling these in my shop last year due to the many requests I had over the years to develop this product. It's costly to buy pre-made cookie jars since the shipping is so high. And while it's more fun to make your own jars, many people aren't able to create the custom labels and hang tags. So I made these DIY cookie jar kits.

Each DIY Mason Cookie Jar Kit in my shop includes a cookie recipe and materials to make 12 of your own quart mason jar gifts. You get:
1 - Cookie recipe card with instructions on how to layer ingredients in jar
12 - 6" Christmas cloth toppers
12 - 2.5" round cookie labels for front of jars
12- gift hang tags with baking directions
12 - pre-cut ribbons
1 - shopping list for all the ingredients you need to purchase.

There are 4 cookie recipes to choose from: Candy Chip, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Oatmeal.

Christmas cookie mix in a jar
Cookie jars are an easy & tasty present
mason jar cookie mix gift
Each set includes decorations for 12 quart mason jars.

Do you want to make mason jar gifts using your own cookie recipe? No problem! I can do custom cookie jar decorations with your baking directions and recipe name on the tags and labels. Custom mason jar gift sets also include cloth toppers and ribbons.

Christmas cookie mix in a jar

A Double Chocolate Brownie recipe is also available for pint jars.

brownie mix in a mason jar

brownie mix mason jar

All of the cookie recipes are fantastic. The peanut butter recipe is probably my favorite because it calls for triple peanuts (peanuts, peanut butter, and peanut butter chips).  The brownie recipe is rich and dense but not overly sweet. These are great gifts for kids to make for grandparents and teachers too!

Friday, October 16, 2015

CanningCrafts in the Press!

There's a short writeup about CanningCrafts in the Modern Farmer Fall 2015 magazine. This is my first press mention, so it's exciting. They did a nice photoshoot showing my Grow What You Eat canning jar label. I have a series of Victory Garden labels inspired by the art from WWII.

victory garden canning labels

modern farmer magazine

modern farmer magazine

Tuna Fish Joe
Paws off, this issue belongs to Tuna Fish Joe!

I started designing my own canning labels when I couldn't find anything nice to dress up my salsa jar gifts. My husband told me to just write on the lids with a Sharpie, but I just couldn't do that! I just had too many people to impress with my salsa and art skills. I think my husband had ulterior motives too...he loves my salsa and just wanted to keep it all for himself.

My awesome Dad said I should sell my labels since there would be other canners out there in need of them. So I opened up my Etsy shop with a whopping 5 label designs. Then I created my own website. My product offering has now ballooned to over 300 items since I started in 2010. I'm always refining and adding new mason jar labels to my shop.

If anyone has any specific requests for label designs, shoot me a message or add it in the comments below.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Garden 2015: Trash Can Potatoes FAIL!

Potatoes...we could eat them for every meal. We like them best roasted with rosemary and just a sprinkle of salt. Sometimes I roast the potatoes with carrots and garlic to make this amazing potato soup.

Planting potatoes in my garden began to seem like a necessity considering how many we eat. Last year we got quite a few from our garden. This year, well, not nearly as many. I planted two different varieties: High Mowing Organic Rose Finn Fingerling Potatoes and Organic German Butterball Potato. I decided to grow the Fingerlings in a trash can after I read how you could get 100 pounds of spuds. Supposedly the potatoes grow upwards as you add layers of dirt to plant growth, eventually filling the can with plenty of potatoes.

Supposedly. I'm not sure what went wrong. I filled the can with soil every 6 inches of plant growth, but it was mostly barren of potatoes. The very top of the can had tiny little spuds. They're so small they'll need to be roasted with the skin on, which will be tasty for sure. I just wish there were more of them.

Then there was over 2 feet of empty dirt. It was really compacted dirt, perhaps the result of too much rain this summer. Maybe the potatoes had a rough time growing in the harder dirt???

Several of the potatoes had weird little knobby bits on them. I should photograph them for one of those "Play with your food" style calendars.

The very bottom of the can had a few bigger potatoes. I barely got more potatoes out of the can than what I planted in it. This was disappointing considering how pricey the organic seed potatoes were. I could've purchased 50 pounds of potatoes from the produce aisle compared to what I paid for the seed potatoes.

I started with 6 Fingerling seed potatoes in the bottom of the can. 

And my final yield was pretty skimpy.

I forgot to take photos of the High Mowing potatoes that I planted in the garden. They didn't perform as well as the variety I planted last year, but they did a heck of a lot better than the trash can potatoes. I had one volunteer plant from a potato I missed in last year's garden that performed the best of all of the plants. It yielded eight huge potatoes about the size of my hand. All of the organic potato plants produced much smaller spuds and overall not as many.

So I guess I'll file the Trash Can Potato test under "Possible Fail." I don't know if it failed because of too much rain, the variety of potato, or something else. Maybe I'll try it again next year with a different potato variety.

Friday, September 18, 2015

My Sister's Pigs are HUGE

My sister's pigs look enormous and disgusting. But I'm sure once all the mud gets washed off that they'll be delicious :) They have four hogs that have been ready for a little while except they've had to worm them a few times. I'm not sure on all the specifics, but I guess you can't eat a pig if you've given them worm meds. But according to a few people I know, you can still eat a pig if it has worms. Maybe there's just the ewww factor of eating an animal with worms?