Sunday, July 3, 2011

New canning labels in my etsy shop!

Well, I finally finished my "return jar" labels, & they're now up in my etsy shop! I'm not sure why it took me so long to get these finished...I started them last year. I realized I needed to do something to get my sister's attention in order for her to return my jars to me. So I made a label that said "I want my jar back dangit!" AND it worked! She's given me most of my empties back from last year's apple bounty :) She doesn't can, so I'm not sure why she was hoarding my jars. 

I have 2 other quotes for the labels too. They're a little more polite than "I want my jar back dangit!" A common complaint from most canners is how many jars they lose each year to folks who don't return them. So hopefully these labels will make returns a little easier :)

Also new to the shop is a cute raspberry jam label. I'll probably eventually make these for black raspberry too. I took a lot of photos next to the raspberry bushes in my backyard. 

return jar canning labels
Return Jar Canning Labels

return jar canning labels

raspberry jam jar label
Raspberry Jam canning label

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