Saturday, July 16, 2011

We like Swiss Chard

I'm happy to report that we like Swiss Chard, which is a good thing considering that I planted 2 rows of it in my garden without ever eating it before. It wasn't a huge leap of faith really because I assumed it would be similar enough to Spinach that we would like it. I planted Rhubarb Swiss Chard which is really pretty with the red stems. Next year I might try the Bright Lights variety with multicolored stems.

So far we've eaten it raw in salads, in soup with wild rice & turkey, & steamed. I searched for different recipes online & found plenty of similar ways to cook Swiss Chard. Last week I sauteed vidalia onions & garlic in bacon drippings, then added the stems before the leaves since they take a little longer to cook. Once it all cooked down, I topped it off with toasted pine nuts, lemon juice, & parmesan cheese. And this morning we had a swiss chard omelet with the glazed onions. Pretty tasty!

Just picked Rhubarb Swiss Chard

Cooked with garlic, onions, bacon drippings, & pine nuts

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