Friday, April 6, 2012

New canning jar labels in my etsy shop!

I added 2 new vintage style canning jar labels to the CanningCrafts shop. The Fruit & Vegetable stickers have an old looking paper background with cute illustrations. I added another vintage label a while back & it's been selling like crazy. I've had so many requests for vintage-looking labels, so I'll definitely be adding more to the shop as soon as I can!

I took the photos in our back yard this morning. I'm so excited that our apple tree is loaded with blossoms because it hasn't produced any fruit for a few years now. Last year it got zapped by frost, & the year before we had it trimmed a bit too much I think. We always worry that every year will be its last since it has fire blight. But so far it looks to be off to a good start this year :) Yea!

And the not so good news... we may have a backyard visitor again. Hermie the groundhog or some other varmint has been digging under our porch again. As cute as I think Hermie is, I really need to get some tomatoes this year because our salsa bounty is gone! I canned 40 pints & 3 quarts of salsa 2 years ago & hubby & friends have depleted it! So I'm worried I might not be as forgiving this year if he stands in my way of a plentiful tomato crop.

By the way, I started my tomato seedlings last week & 3 have emerged so far! I have black, purple, yellow, & red tomatoes this year & will post more details later!

fruit canning label
Vintage fruit canning jar label
fruit canning label

vegetable canning jar label
Vintage vegetable canning jar label
vegetable canning jar label

Hermie the big fat bold groundhog likes our patio furniture

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