Monday, August 20, 2012

Lots of new canning jar labels

I've been trying to add as many new canning jar labels to the CanningCrafts shop as possible since canning season is in full swing now. I've had requests for more vintage inspired & basic designs, so that's what I tried to concentrate on the past few weeks. I just added Big Fruit, Rainbow, Vintage Custom Kitchen, an Eat Your Fruit retro style lady, and Checkered which comes in 4 different plaid colors on 1 sheet.

If you're looking for a label for a certain canned good, just drop me a line if you don't see it in my shop! I might have just what you're looking for. I can do custom designs too!

Custom vintage Kitchen Label
Vintage Custom Kitchen Label
Custom from the kitchen of labels
Vintage Kitchen sticker looks great on kraft boxes or mason jars!

fruit canning label
Big Fruit Mason Jar Label
canning labels
Checkered Mason Jar label in 4 different plaid colors on 1 sheet

canning jar labels

canning jar labels

fruit canning jar labels

fruit canning jar labels
canning label
This Rainbow canning jar label will look great on jams & jellies!

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