Saturday, September 1, 2012

New heart shaped canning jar labels

I just finished several new label designs & added them to the CanningCrafts shop. There are 2 cute gingham heart-shaped labels available in red or blue, and a colorful striped, scallop-shaped label.

Also, I had several requests for yellow gingham jam jar covers, so I added those to my shop too. Gingham fabric cloth covers are now available in yellow, red, & blue!

I have several more scallop shaped designs that I'll be adding to my shop within the next few weeks. I'm working on vintage style labels since the scallop shape seems to lend itself to the vintage look. Look for a customizable Kitchen label in this shape soon...

heart labels
Blue gingham heart-shaped label
heart labels

heart labels
Red gingham heart-shaped label
heart labels

yellow gingham jam jar covers
Yellow Gingham cloth toppers for mason jars
Striped Scallop-shaped stickers
These would be great for party favors or table settings too!

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