Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Please take my survey on canning & gardening!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to take my gardening & canning survey! I'll be adding new labels to my shop based on the insights that were offered. New additions to the Etsy shop will definitely include more vintage inspired canning jar labels as well as decorations for cookie gift jars. I'm currently working on new fabric toppers & will be adding ribbon to CanningCrafts' offerings within a few weeks.

And congrats to Marilyn for winning the 10 sheets of labels! Marilyn said
"It was my first time canning alone. I helped my Mom & Gramma when I was younger and had such fond memories. Its alot of work & more expensive then I realized but really enjoyed it, which is the most important part."

Have fun canning Marilyn!

I'm currently running a survey to see what type of canning jar labels you'd like to see in my shop and how you use the labels. I'd love to hear from you whether you've purchased jar labels from me or not. This survey will help me decide what to offer in my shop and will also let me know what you think of my labels and service.

Anyone who takes the survey can choose to be entered into a contest to win 10 FREE sheets of labels. The winner would choose basic labels already available in my Etsy shop & not any of the custom labels offered. The survey will be open for a limited time, so please take it while you can!

Gardening & Canning Survey

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