Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New vintage, Kraft paper, & Chevron Canning Jar Labels

I've been working on more basic & vintage style labels since I've had so many requests for both. New to the CanningCrafts shop: Chevron has 4 different colored labels on each sheet, (hot pink, lime green, teal, and orange). Vintage Burst has a background image of old paper & has a great vintage look. And Farm Fresh Rooster is printed on Kraft paper so it has a great, rustic look. It read "From Farm to Form" under the rooster.

chevron canning jar labels
Chevron Canning Jar Labels are perfect for jam and jelly jars! 
canning jar labels

vintage canning jar labels
Vintage Burst Mason Canning Jar stickers would be great for wedding favors
vintage canning jar labels
Looks great with the muslin cloth jam jar covers and black ribbon
available in the shop
farm fresh canning labels
Farm Fresh Kraft Paper Canning Jar Labels
farm fresh canning labels

farm fresh canning labels


  1. The Farm Fresh label is cute. :-) I'm not really into "chevrons" & that type of thing, but they're cute none-the-less! :-)

    1. Glad you like the labels :) I like the Farm Fresh label too & will be adding more Kraft labels like it to my shop soon.