Friday, April 25, 2014

Canning Jar Label and Cloth Topper Size Chart

Canning Jar Label Sizes
I often get asked what label size will fit a certain ounce canning jar. Mason canning jars can have either regular mouth or wide mouth lids. Please refer to the chart below to determine what size you need for your lids.

When adding to the FRONT of the glass, 2" or 2.5" round labels will work on regular 8 oz half pint jelly jars or larger jars. A 1.5" label will fit the FRONT of a 4 oz Ball jar or on the LID of a 1.5 oz favor jar. The 1.5" label will NOT work on the front of the small 1.5 oz favor jars because it will be too large.

There are different styles and brands of canning jars, so sizes vary on height and width of the glass. There are also many jars available that aren't specifically for canning food. Please measure your jars to know which label size you need.

This is a breakdown of how many labels come on each printed sheet in my shop.
1.5 inch for 1.5oz small favor jar lids (30 labels per sheet)
2 inch for regular mouth jar lids (20 labels per sheet)
2.5 inch for wide mouth jar lids (12 labels per sheet)

Canning jar label size chart for mason jars

Canning Jar Cloth Topper Sizes
My fabric cloth toppers are pre-cut to 6" circles since that works on most canning jar sizes. The 6" toppers will fit on regular mouth or wide mouth jars. About half of the fabric will show around the edges of a wide mouth jar compared to a regular mouth jar. Please refer to the chart below showing how toppers look on various sized jars.

Since 4 oz jars are short, a lot of the jar's contents will get covered up with the 6" fabric cloth. Some people prefer to have a 5" cloth topper for the shorter jars so they can see more of the jam. A 4" cloth topper works well on the 1.5 oz favor jars.

I'm able to fulfill special orders for smaller cloth toppers. Availability will depend on which fabric you need and how soon you need it. I precut most of my fabric to 6", so I may not have extra fabric in stock to cut down. If you need a custom cloth topper order, please

Canning jar cloth topper size chart for mason jars.


  1. How about for 4 oz mason jar mugs would 5 inch be ok especially if I wanted to get a label on that

    1. You would probably need the smallest label size which would be 1.5" round. Do you have the mug to measure the height? I pre-cut our fabric to 6" circles, so I don't always have extra fabric to cut down to smaller sizes. Depending on the height of your mug, the label would most likely get covered by fabric if you wanted to have both on it.

    2. The jar is 3.31 inches in height, if the label was 1 inch with 5 inch fabric square would that work?

    3. We don't have 1" labels. The smallest round label we have is 1.5". Are you cutting your own fabric in squares? If you use a square, the fabric could be positioned so it didn't cover up the label as much compared to round fabric. Is the mug regular or wide mouthed? More or less fabric would show depending on the mouth size. I don't have a short mug to test fabric/labels on unfortunately.

    4. I think it is regular mouth and was planning on using square fabric

  2. I have 4 oz mason jar mugs that I would also like to put labels on the front with the fabric square with the lid