Sunday, July 6, 2014

Custom vintage honey, tomato juice, sauce, and salsa labels

I get a lot of requests for custom honey labels, so I finally added one to my shop. I have several more honey designs that I'll add later this season as well. The first one available is a fully customizable vintage honey label. You can customize the label with your name, type of honey, season, and can even add a pre-printed date or size.

custom honey labels
Fully customizable honey bee label
custom honey labels

Sometimes it's hard to tell if you have a jar of spaghetti sauce or salsa, so that's why these new tomato canning jar labels are a must! They come pre-printed with Tomato Sauce, Tomato Juice, Spaghetti Sauce, or Salsa. No need to guess what's in the red jar anymore :)

tomato juice & sauce canning label
What's in the red jar? Now you know :)
tomato sauce salsa canning label

tomato sauce canning label

salsa canning jar labels

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