Monday, May 5, 2014

New rustic kraft canning jar labels

I just finished a new collection of canning jar labels and added them to the CanningCrafts' shop! These new labels are all printed on brown Kraft paper which gives them a very rustic and slightly vintage look. Fresh Homegrown Goodness looks great on the fronts of jars or on the lid, Black Ring looks like a rubber stamp circle, Homegrown is a nice green decorative ribbon with space left to write in your canned good, and Garden Fresh is another green rubber stamp style design.

The Fresh Homegrown Goodness label is a departure from what I normally design. I usually leave room on labels so the date or contents can be written in. But I decided that I wanted to design a label that was purely decorative for once.

I'll be adding more canning jar labels on Kraft paper to the shop in the future because I'm really happy with how these turned out. I'd love to hear what you think!

kraft canning label
Fresh Homegrown Goodness canning jar label
rustic kraft canning label

rustic retro kraft canning label

rustic black kraft canning jar labels
Black Ring Canning Jar Label

rustic black kraft canning jar labels

Homegrown Canning Label 

garden fresh canning jar label
Garden Fresh Canning Jar Label

kraft rubber stamp canning label

kraft rubber stamp canning label

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