Sunday, August 17, 2014

vegetable and kitchen canning jar labels

A new batch of vegetable and kitchen mason jar labels has been added to the shop!

Carrots, Corn, Cute Pepper, and Cute Pepper Jelly (which is available in 2 versions: Pepper or Hot Pepper).

Kitchen labels have been available in the customizable versions for some time, but they can now be purchased blank without text in Vintage, Hot Pink and Black, and Red or Blue.

Carrots mason jar sticker
Carrots mason jar sticker 
Corn canning label
Corn mason jar label 
pepper canning label
Cute Pepper canning jar sticker 
pepper jelly canning label
Cute Pepper Jelly label is available in Pepper Jelly and Hot Pepper Jelly versions 
hot pepper jelly canning label

kitchen labels
Vintage Kitchen Canning jar label is also good for baked goods
kitchen labels

kitchen stickers
Hot Pink and Black canning jar and kitchen sticker 
kitchen stickers
This label looks great on jars with hot pink and black cloth toppers 
kitchen stickers
red and blue country kitchen labels

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