Friday, April 24, 2015

My first batch of salsa for the year!

We were running drastically low on salsa! I canned about 45 pints and several quarts back in 2013, but my husband is a voracious Salsasorus. He would've run out of stock within a year if he hadn't periodically interspersed store bought salsa throughout this past year.

My sister supplied me with a bunch of hothouse tomatoes and peppers, so I whipped out my salsa recipe and got to work. Of course my preference would be to use homegrown tomatoes from my garden, most likely Romas or Amish Paste tomatoes, but free tomatoes are hard to pass up for salsa. If I was only going to eat the tomatoes and not make salsa, I would've passed on the hothouse variety because they're hard, too perfect looking (which weirds me out), and often flavorless. But once you mix enough tomato paste and seasonings to the salsa, it's not that bad!

canning salsa

So did my salsa actually win an award? No, but that's what the label says, so people will believe it. But it is actually the best salsa recipe I ever tried, and I've tried many recipes. This recipe came from my husband's relative and is made by many people in his family now.
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28 pints, 1 quarts, and 1 very happy husband. Yippie!
The Custom Kraft Paper canning labels look good on salsa :)

Download this chart to keep track of the produce that you can this year!

canning inventory chart

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