Friday, May 15, 2015

Rustic kraft paper mason canning jar labels

I'm slowly adding some of my most popular vintage canning jar labels onto Kraft paper. Here are a few new mason canning jar labels.

canning labels
Some families like to preserve together!
So you can choose either "I put up" or "WE put up" for this label.
kraft canning labels
Choose from fruit or vegetable!
canning jar labels
Rustic cottage chic Enjoy kraft paper canning jar label
custom honey label
Custom honey jar and bottle stickers can be customized
with your name, contact info, & more!

honey bottle label
Honey Bee Kraft paper bottle and jar labels
fruit canning label
Eat your Veggies! Eat your fruit!
BTW, this cool chic is an illustration of yours truly :)
mason jar labels
Can it dammit! Hey hey,  potty mouth.
My sister thought this was funny. And who am I to say it isn't?
custom mason jar labels
What's in your jar? Label it in style with these custom kraft paper stickers.
You can add a pre-printed date or leave it blank to handwrite it in.
custom canning labels
I stopped counting how many moonshine labels I've done for folks.
It's on the list of things I never thought I'd be doing.
custom canning labels
I will never eat these beets. This is my go to jar for canning label photos.
It looks great with kraft paper labels :)
canning labels
Chevron kraft paper mason jar labels.
Kraft canning labels
Burst kraft paper canning jar stickers.
Kraft canning labels
These Blank kraft paper jar labels have plenty of room for handwriting!

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