Friday, July 10, 2015

Garden 2015: Yikes

Is my garden unruly because it's a jam packed raised bed or because I'm a lazy gardener? This year, my vote's on the latter. 

The tomatoes I planted using the Japanese ring method continue to make the rest of the tomatoes in my garden look like spindly little plants. The tomato in the tower to the left of the rings is maybe half the size of those around the ring. Unfortunately some of the other tomatoes behind the ring are dying, most likely because I had a volunteer potato take over. I should've pulled the potato early on considering that half of my garden this year is potatoes, but I find volunteer plants to be exciting even though they usually end up taking over everything like my volunteer pumpkins did last year.

You can barely see the cage the tomatoes are surrounding now.
They've grown above the cage and are bowing down into it now.
Potatoes, Swiss Chard, Kale (which has been picked by birds), Carrots, Endive, Tomatoes.
We ate a batch of greens yesterday with onions glazed in bacon grease. 
Black Krim Tomatoes.
Some green beans are ready to pick now. I don't have a pressure canner,
so I just freeze them or make a Pot 'O Beans in the pressure cooker.
Hey, volunteer Dill, big surprise ;) 
Tuna Fish Joe LOVES raw green beans.

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