Friday, October 16, 2015

CanningCrafts in the Press!

There's a short writeup about CanningCrafts in the Modern Farmer Fall 2015 magazine. This is my first press mention, so it's exciting. They did a nice photoshoot showing my Grow What You Eat canning jar label. I have a series of Victory Garden labels inspired by the art from WWII.

victory garden canning labels

modern farmer magazine

modern farmer magazine

Tuna Fish Joe
Paws off, this issue belongs to Tuna Fish Joe!

I started designing my own canning labels when I couldn't find anything nice to dress up my salsa jar gifts. My husband told me to just write on the lids with a Sharpie, but I just couldn't do that! I just had too many people to impress with my salsa and art skills. I think my husband had ulterior motives too...he loves my salsa and just wanted to keep it all for himself.

My awesome Dad said I should sell my labels since there would be other canners out there in need of them. So I opened up my Etsy shop with a whopping 5 label designs. Then I created my own website. My product offering has now ballooned to over 300 items since I started in 2010. I'm always refining and adding new mason jar labels to my shop.

If anyone has any specific requests for label designs, shoot me a message or add it in the comments below.

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