Friday, September 9, 2016

Salsa Canning Label sale!

In celebration of tomatoes, all Salsa canning labels are 10% off in the CanningCrafts shop this month. Enter coupon code SALSASALE92016 at checkout. Shop the SALSA SALE Collection now. Sale ends September 30, 2016.

salsa canning labels

This is the first batch of tomatoes from my garden. Ooohhh, pretty.

This year my tomatoes were off to a great start. Granted, there was a mixup at the greenhouse, and I didn't get the varieties I thought I was going to get. But I harvested enough to put up 8 quarts of tomatoes. That probably sounds skimpy to someone like my mom. She's used to preserving 80 quarts in a day. Show off.

 tomato canning jar labels
Market Fresh Tomato canning labels are perfect for canned salsa or stewed tomatoes.

Read more about how my garden is doing this year on the new CanningCrafts blog.

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