Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Printable Seed Saver Packs

If you're a gardener, you may have saved some of your seeds throughout the years. Saving seeds will save you money and make you more self sufficient. The practice is also a great way to connect to your community of fellow gardeners when you share the seeds.

If you’re new to saving seeds, check out Seed Savers Exchange. They have a wealth of knowledge on the best practices and techniques to get started. You can also join their Exchange to swap seeds with other members. Once you start saving seed, you’ll appreciate the tradition of handing down and trading seed varieties.

We designed three FREE Printable Seed Saver Packets for our gardening friends. Our free seed saver packs are great for saving seeds from your garden. Store seeds for yourself or use them for gift-giving seeds to your friends. Just print, cut, fold, and glue the seed packets to store your vegetable, fruit, or flower seeds. We hope you enjoy using these free packets. And PLEASE, share these with your fellow gardeners and seed savers.  

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