Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Strawberry Jam Canning Jar Labels are in season!

There's no shortage of strawberry jam canning labels in our shop! Some of the strawberry canning labels are blank so you can handwrite text for strawberry preserves or jelly too. We even have oval strawberry jam jar labels that fit quilted jars.

strawberry jam canning jar labels

It's strawberry season here in Ohio right now. I know this because my husband keeps saying, "Hey, it's strawberry season!" which is a not so subtle hint that he wants strawberry pie! But if I had to choose between strawberry pie and strawberry jam, I would have to go with jam. Besides the obvious PB&J sandwich, I spread jam on pancakes and add to overnight oats. 

Our Cute Fruit canning label collection has matching designs for blueberry raspberry, grape, applesauce, and other fruits. 

 strawberry jam canning labels

These oval strawberry jam canning labels fit perfectly on quilted Ball jars.

 oval strawberry jam canning labels

 oval strawberry jam labels

Gingham Strawberry canning labels have options for Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Preserves, Strawberries, & a blank design to handwrite your own text. Pre-printing a date is also optional. 

 gingham strawberry jam canning labels

 gingham strawberry jam jelly preserves canning labels

 gingham strawberry jam preserves & jelly canning labels

 country strawberry canning jar labels

 country strawberry canning jar labels

Plaid Fruit canning labels are available for peach, strawberry, blueberry
red raspberry, black raspberry, pear, mixed fruit group, apple, grape

 fruit canning jar labels

 fruit canning jar labels

This kraft strawberry jam label is part of our Rubber Stamp Canning Label Collection. Matching labels are available for apples, pickles, and maple syrup too.

 strawberry jam kraft canning label

If you put up a variety of strawberry canned goods, this blank strawberry canning label can have handwritten text.

 strawberry canning jar label

 strawberry canning jar label

Market Fresh Strawberry canning labels are perfect for the farmer's market stand. Matching canning labels are available for peach, apple, and tomatoes.

 market fresh strawberry canning labels

Nothing says cute cottage chic more than hand embroidery! This Embroidered Strawberry canning label will add a cute touch to strawberry jam and preserves.

 embroidered strawberry canning label

Happy Strawberry canning labels are available for red raspberries too!

 happy strawberry canning labels

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