Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cookie Mason Jar decorations with recipe hang tags

I finally finished my cookie mason jar decorations for the CanningCrafts shop! It's been a long process to say the least! I started several months ago by researching cookie jar recipes. Then I began the design process by choosing which cloth toppers and ribbons would look the best on the finished jars.

I wanted to test the recipes out before I made the hang tags and instruction cards, so I proceeded to make four jars and bake 6 batches of cookies :) I'm not sure how everyone usually packs their cookie jars, but I discovered a great way to pack down the ingredients was to use a magnetic canning lid wand attached to a metallic spice jar lid. It fit perfectly in the jars, and I was easily able to press the ingredients down and smooth out all the layers.

Then came the photography! I wanted to make clear instruction cards with a visual for how to pack the jars. It took nearly a day to get the jars decorated, take the photos, and do all the editing.

I have 4 cookie recipes to choose from: Candy Chip, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Oatmeal.

Each listing for purchase on etsy includes materials to decorate 12 quart mason jars:
1 - Cookie recipe card with instructions on how to layer ingredients in jar
12 - 6" cloth toppers
12 - 2.5" round cookie labels for front of jars
12- gift hang tags with baking directions
12 - pre-cut ribbons

I have mason cookie jar recipes in the popular vintage style with muslin toppers and choice of jute twine or black ribbon. The standard cookie jar design has red gingham cloth toppers and 7 different ribbon color choices. And for a limited time I will have a Christmas cookie mason jar set that uses the red snowflake cloth topper.

After I ran my survey several months ago, most respondents said they would love to have the cookie jar decorations, but many wanted to be able to use their own recipes. So I do offer custom cookie jar listings for the vintage, standard, and Christmas sets so that your own cookie jar recipe can be printed on the hang tags.

Cookie jars make wonderful Christmas presents... I know I will be gifting the 4 jars I made for the photoshoot :) And I can definitely say the peanut butter cookie recipe is amazing! It has peanut butter chips, real peanut butter (I used my own homemade peanut butter), and chopped peanuts! YUM.

peanut butter cookie mix in a jar recipe
Cookie mason jar mix recipe decorations
oatmeal cookie mix in a jar recipe

mason jar chocolate chip cookie mix

mason jar candy chip cookie mix recipe

mason jar cookie mix
Comes with 2.5" labels, cloth toppers, hang tags, and ribbon to decorate 12 quart mason jars.
Also included is a recipe card for how to pack the jars!
mason jar cookie mix
4 cookie jar recipes are available
cookie mix in a jar
Vintage Style cookie mason jars
cookie mix in a jar
You can choose either black grosgrain ribbon or jute twine
cookie mix in a jar

Christmas cookie mix in a jar
Christmas snowflake mason cookie jar decorations with snowflake cloth toppers
Christmas cookie mix in a jar

Christmas mason jar cookie mix

mason jar cookie mix gift
Each set includes decorations for 12 quart mason jars.

Christmas mason jar cookie mix
Your choice of lime green, white, or red ribbon

Christmas Cookie Mason Jar Gift

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