Friday, July 11, 2014

Uh oh, my garden is out of control. And that wasn't a zucchini plant. My bad.

OK, so this year's garden doesn't look anything like I've ever had before. It's a chaotic jungle. I've never seen so much green least not in my garden bed. Things often start out green, but they don't tend to get all big & bushy...and live. I definitely have luck with some veggies. Lettuce, no problem. Green beans, yep, I can do those. Why doesn't everything else do as well as beans? Tomatoes...sometimes I do alright. Green Peppers, Corn, Zucchini? Forget about it. I stopped planting zucchini years ago because it's always a big dud for me. My zucchini plants have never gotten larger than a dinner plate before they start to rot at the stems and die.

So imagine my excitement when I had 3 volunteer plants that I thought for sure were zucchinis? I was elated. I was already planning on making bread, cooking veggie soup, breading & baking it. The plants kept getting bigger & bigger & bigger. My mom & grandmother-in-law often have enormous zucchini plants that come up to your waist and travel 8 feet or more. So I had no reason to believe that what I had wasn't zucchini. Until they kept growing, started vining, and developed little round balls under the blossoms. Crud, this isn't zucchini. It's either pumpkins or those little decorative gourds. I would prefer pumpkins since we carve them at work every year, so they'd be useful. But I'm betting they're little gourds. Dangit.

And all the volunteer tomatoes that I didn't pull up appear to be cherry tomato plants. yea. We like cherry tomatoes, but one plant is always sufficient.

The worst part about my garden is that it's incredibly difficult to get in & out of it with these crazy vining plants because of my electric fence. The vines are going around the fence, so it probably isn't working, and I have to step over the enormous plants which come up to my waist in some areas. They're currently maneuvering their way in & out of my slotted wooden fence too, so I'm sure my neighbors are going to love this.

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