Sunday, August 31, 2014

Christmas Jam Jar Cloth Covers, Kraft paper wedding labels and ribbons

I've been a busy bee trying to get all of my Christmas items prepped for the season, but I wanted to squeeze in a few new labels designs before the end of the year.

New to my shop are my existing custom wedding jar labels printed on Kraft paper. You can have your names and wedding or shower date printed with either "Spread the Love" or "Love is Sweet." Kraft paper labels are only available in the 2" size right now.

A great match for the wedding labels is a set of rustic lace precut ribbons to wrap around jars. You get jute twine, lace, and fringed ribbon to decorate your wedding or shower favor jars. Of course they would look great for any other occasion too.

Pumpkin Butter, yum! I thought I had volunteer zucchini plants in my garden this year, but it turned out to be gourds and pumpkins. So the little orange guys in the photos took over my garden and strangled all of my tomato plants. Boo. But they do look pretty, yea!

I added 2 new Christmas jam jar covers. Red Chevron would be great for jams and jellies. White Snowflake is printed with gold metallic inks, so it looks really fantastic, especially with red ribbon or jute twine.

pumpkin butter canning label
Pumpkin Butter canning jar sticker...just in time for Fall
pumpkin butter canning label
I unwillingly grew these little gourds :) 
custom love is sweet label
Spread the Love and Love is Sweet Kraft Paper wedding favor jar labels
custom spread the love label
This label looks really good with jute twine and muslin cloth toppers also sold in my shop 
Rustic lace and linen ribbon set is precut in 12 pieces to make decorating easy

Red Chevron fancy cloth jam jar covers will be great for Christmas gifts 
White Christmas Snowflake cloth jar covers are printed with metallic ink 

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