Monday, August 11, 2014

New fruit canning jar labels and chevron cloth topper

I've been trying to stock my shop up with new fruit labels...some of these canning labels were long overdue! Blackberry JamBlueberry JamPeach Jam, Cute Pear, and Black Raspberry Jam (I've had a Red Raspberry Jam mason jar label available for some time). Check out our Cute Fruit Label Collection for more matching labels in this style.

Also, a new fabric cloth topper is available in a Blue Chevron pattern. I'll be adding a red and white chevron cloth topper to the shop in the next few weeks which will be great for Christmas.

There will be a new batch of vegetable labels ready for the shop hopefully later this week :)

raspberry jam label
Black Raspberry Jam canning jar sticker
blackberry jam label
Blackberry Jam canning jar label
blueberry jam label
Blueberry Jam Mason jar label looks good with the blue chevron cloth topper!
blueberry jam label
blueberry jam canning label
peach jam labels
peach jam canning jar label
pear canning labels
Cute Pear canning jar sticker
blue chevron cloth topper for canning jars are great for shower or wedding favors!

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